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Go with Growth

Hi Friends! Thought I would share this little nugget from my instagram microblog with y’all today! I hope it helps heal your heart and brightens your day! If you like quick reads, feel free to follow me on instagram for more!

If we’re honest, growth is forged through trials. And trials are definitely not my jam. I’d rather run from the pain they produce than dig in my heels and persevere.

But our trials prove purposeful if we pivot from our present pain to the future strength we’ll gain…

Lessons learned.
Skills honed.
Connections made.
Love gained.
Prayers practiced.
Minds renewed.
Faith restored.

What if we begin at the end? If we see all the beauty and strength to be birthed from our pain first, perhaps we’d view our emotional labor with love?

Friend, in the name of growth, let’s walk together through the pain with God as our Guide. Ultimate Destination: Eternity. That’s growth more than worth the short-term suffering.

2 thoughts on “Go with Growth”

  1. This was so encouraging! Thank you for this needed message! It really does change it all when we pivot to seeing and knowing the good God is doing in the trials. Thanks so much again for this encouragement!

    1. Hi Nikki! So great to “see” you again! Glad this little message encouraged you today, friend! Looking forward to exchanging more good words with you!

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