Hi! Grab your warmest, fuzziest blanket and let’s chat by our virtual fireplace!

Since we’re comfy, let’s share! Here’s my story, but I want to hear yours too! Will you promise to share? There is so much we can learn from eachother!

For starters, I’m the proud (really!) minivan-driving mama of three tween kiddos who enjoy torturing me, usually with complaints about picking up something that is either mildewing or encrusted on their bedroom carpet, but mostly about how absolutely UNCOOL I am (probably because I love our minivans! Yes, hubby has one too!).

Yet I digress… Comic relief is always a good foil to seriousness, right?

Well, here comes Seriousness. For me, she came dressed in the tattered rags left behind after what I affectionately call my “decade of doom.” Much to my chagrin, Seriousness was accompanied by her evil step-sisters: Gluttony, Exhaustion, Striving, and Perfectionism.

Wondering what exactly happened during my “decade of doom?” To find out, subscribe to my blog! But for now, here are some of the headlines…

  • Tardy to Parenting 101
  • One Size DOES NOT Fit Our Kiddos
  • How I Gained and Lost
  • When Norman Rockwell Leaves Your Family For Good
  • Get on Your Knees, Girl!

Do my headlines resonate with yours? If so, welcome to our mom-venture down Minivan Lane!

I CAN tell you that my mom-venture so far has driven me to a life holding fast to God everyday! And I’m so humbled and grateful for His unfailing GPS!

So, fasten your seatbelts old and new friends… We’re off on a blog-venture to cruise the highways of Hope of Humility – with equal gusto! Reserve your seat now! Just CLICK ON FOLLOW! I’m packing the minivans!

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