Choose Kindness

shutterstock_160575743A few years ago, my son was super into origami. Spending countless hours meticulously bending and folding paper into mini masterpieces, he protected his crafts with a ferocity rivaling a mother dragon. As only a nine-year-old boy would, he proudly displayed his creations in his bedroom’s origami museum to protect and admire his labors.

That’s why I nearly fainted when he offered one of his freshly crafted origami cranes to a stranger.

We had just come out of the library that balmy summer afternoon. Bustling along, clicking errands off our To Do list, I prepared to squeeze myself into our tin can of a hot minivan. Just before the leather seat threatened to scorch my hamstrings, I heard a little voice mumble something indistinctive in another direction. Realizing it was my son’s, and determined to attack our next task, I turned to bark some version of mama orders like “Get in the car! We’ve got things to do and can’t be late to pick up your sister!” But my “mama ire” was quickly stalled by a disheveled elderly man sitting alone in his car. Panning over to my son, I soon gathered that he was attempting a conversation with our chronologically gifted friend.

Like a freight train screeching to a halt to spare someone sprawled across the tracks, my attention laser-beamed on my son. Why is he talking to this man? Doesn’t he know not to talk to strangers? Plus, this particular stranger looked next in line for the Curmudgeon of the Year award, complete with curling lip.

“Sir, would you like my crane?” my son interjected through my protective panic.

And then it hit me… yes, my son knew all of those things, yet he chose kindness.

He chose to step across those invisible boundaries we erect for ourselves and our children. Ones grounded in good intention, but dividing us from real connection. Ones that mean to protect us and our children from harm – borne out of responsibility – but sometimes fueled by fear.

As our curmudgeonly friend’s face transformed into a picture of grace received, I knew God was whispering through my nine-year-old. I could hear his tender voice lift me on waves of eternal hope with these reminders…

• Busyness blames, but kindness cares.
• Fear kills kindness. Kindess bears love. God is love.
• Kindness can be an act of worship – paying it forward in God’s name.
• Kindness can be His love expressed, and there is nothing greater. (1 Corinthians 13:13)
• Kindness can be sacrifice – of time, of energy, of prized possessions. Yet Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Let’s follow His lead.

Like my son’s origami, God bends and shapes us to prepare to add us to His eternal museum in heaven. We are His masterpieces (Ephesians 2:10). As His masterpieces, let’s keep fear from leaving us reluctant to abide in His love, balking at our chances to choose kindness. Dare to choose kindness, as God boldly chooses grace for us everyday.


1. What is one small act of kindness you can integrate into your daily life?
2. How can you push fear aside to fuel love and kindness?

A Case for Kindness by Lisa Barrickman
Listen, Love, Repeat by Karen Ehman

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23 thoughts on “Choose Kindness”

  1. I really enjoyed this because I think we as mothers are sometimes amazed at what lessons we can learn from our children. I like to be a recipient of kindness as well as a bestower – and we all need more kindness. Your neighbor at #Coffeeforyourheart

  2. I love your son’s example. Yes, there ate times to leave aside our normal rules and boundaries to choose kindness, and it can make such a difference to others when we do.

  3. You are KINDNESS to me! When we moved here very few people talked to us and graced us with more than a hello, at best. Even in our church we were told if we want to get to know anyone we needed to make the effort. You went out of your way to reach out and be kind to us with genuine love and concern. I will always remember that and appreciate it!

    1. Hey my sweet friend! You’re such a blessing in my life too! Although our paths don’t cross enough, you’re always in my heart! It was easy to reach out to you. Your heart shines everywhere you go!

  4. Love this story so much, Allison. I can relate, and this story inspires me to slow down and look for more opportunities to show kindness. Sharing your post on FB and Twitter this week. Blessings to you!

  5. Thanks for the reminder to choose kindness. Two things I would like to incorporate: to smile more often at others (genuine smiles) and when I ask how they are doing, I want to mean it.

  6. Beautifully written, and kudos to you for bring up your boy right! His kindness in his actions say a lot about the people who’ve raised him!

  7. Wonderful post Allison. Your son sets a good example for us to follow. Next month we are talking about the fruit of kindness on my blog. Would you be willing to let me share this post in my newsletter?

    1. Hi Kelly! So kind of you; God has given him a great heart.

      Would be more than honored if you shared my post in your newsletter! I’m happy to share your series as well!

      Would love for you to join the She Speaks Link Up here on my blog too when and if you’re able!

      So great to connect with you again! So glad we ended up beside each other at the COMPEL lunch!

  8. I can almost see your precious son and this man. I love this and it reminds me of the small amount of the love of Christ that it takes to change the world’s view one person at a time. Praising God for your son.

  9. “Fear kills kindness…”
    So true! This is a great reminder to attend the moment and not be in such a hurry to get onto the next. Good read!

    1. Hey there! Guess what?! You’re the August Giveaway winner! Drop me an email via the Contact page with your mailing address and a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card is on its way to your mailbox! Thanks again for visiting! Hope to “see” you again soon! Blessings!

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